May 21, 2014

The Importance of Good Photography to Sell Products Online

Last week-end as I was listing some new phone cosies in my Etsy shop, I realised how one simple change could make my photos look much better.

Take this picture of one of my latest crochet phone cosy for example:

Phone cosy photo taken straight from above

Now look at the photo below:

Phone cosy photo taken from an angle

The lighting and background are similar (as white a background I can get using Picasa photo editor while keeping the color true to the original item), the item is the same, the only difference is the angle in which the photo has been taken.

Which one do you be more tempted to buy? I know if I was a potential buyer I wouldn't stay very long looking at the first picture.

I am still wondering how did I manage to sell 3 knitted phone cosies with pictures looking similar to the first photo, and the obvious thing I need to do now is do another photography session with all my other phone cosies before too many potential customers see the bad ones!

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