Mar 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day Crochet Scarf

My daughter's class is learning how to make crochet granny squares in school and I've been roped in to help once a week, so since we were so close to St Patrick's Day, I decided to make a granny square using the Irish colours: green, white and orange:

St Patrick's Day granny square

I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I made 5 more like this and 6 using the same colors, reversing them (orange in the middle and green at the outer edge) and then I joined my 12 granny squares to make an Irish St Patrick's Day scarf:

St Patrick's Day scarf

Since I have to stand outside in the cold watching my 2 daughters playing with their school band in our local St Patrick's Day parade, I might as well be warm doing it!

And in case I'm not brave enough to wear the St Patrick's Day scarf outside, I'll always have my crochet shamrock pin:

Crochet Shamrock pin

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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