Jan 12, 2014

First Double Knitting Homework: Double Knit Duvino Headband

I already mentioned that I am following a double knitting class from Craftsy. There are some very nice projects to make in the class and during the week I've been doing the first class project: a double knit, reversible headband.

I already dabbled a bit in double knitting when I was doing my Christmas double-knit coasters, but taking this class gave me better tips on how to cast on and bind off in a neater way, and also how to have cleaner edges (in the case of flat double-knitting), and I'm still only at the end of lesson 4 out of 10, so I'm hoping to learn a bit more from it.

One thing you need for double-knitting is A LOT of patience. This is a very slow process that requires focus so not something to do while watching a movie (better switch to an easier project!). I haven't been able to knit more than 4 or 5 rows a day (each row has 3 repeats of the pattern and a total of 111 stitches) because I would have been on the verge of losing my mind. Even though I love the effect achieved by double knitting, this is not a knitting technique I would recommend for big projects.

So here we go, I present you the Duvino Headband, designed by Alasdair Post-Quinn and knit by my own ten nimble fingers:

Now I'm going to knit something simple before I get back on the double knitting horse because my brain needs to rest a little, but then again, I might just decide to get on with the next lesson tomorrow!

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