Aug 22, 2013

Back to School Knitted Lunch Bags

I spent the last few days designing and knitting two lunch bags for my daughters. I think these are great for carrying a school or work lunch, especially when made with a yarn that can be machine washed.

I included cables, as I think it's giving the bags a bit more hold than if there were simply knitted.

I knitted the first one flat (green), but as the finishing required quite a bit of sewing, I decided to try the second one (maroon) on circular needles, so this one is knitted as a tube and I have added a rectangular piece for the bottom (still some sewing to do, but much less than for the first one).

I also added zippers to the top and as this was my first time working with those, I am relieved to say that it didn't go as bad as I expected.

I will try and publish a pattern for these, including instructions for flat knitting and for circular knitting, as soon as I figure out how to make a downloadable PDF (Bear with me as I'm still on a learning curve!)

Here they are now: