May 25, 2013

I Think My Top Is Finally Finished

This has taken me about 4 weeks to do, which is why I'm not too keen on knitting any more adult size clothes; I'd rather knit some accessories or baby clothes (I'll have to borrow a nipper from one of my neighbours to make sure I have the correct sizes, which is not very practical).

The yarn I have used is Ice Yarn lycra/cotton which feels a bit strange to knit, slightly elastic, which must be coming from the lycra content, and I find it easier to use bamboo knitting needles for this, as it tends to get stuck on metal needles. This yarn slides more easily on bamboo needles.

I am not sure what to do about the neck; should I add something to make it look a bit less like an unfinished item? I was thinking of crocheting a border because I don't have the energy to knit and sew a collar.

The sewing bit is what is stopping me and another issue is that I have no crochet experience, but as always when I want to learn something new, there's always YouTube!

So, what do you think? Should I add some kind of border to the neck or not?

I am aware that the way I'm standing in this picture is making me look like a granny (no offense to grannies); I really need to start doing something about my posture!

May 18, 2013

My daughters headband

I taught my 2 daughters how to knit, and they both really love it.

Recently my eldest daughter's class has been knitting once a week, and when she's not stealing from my stash, she spends all her pocket money on yarn!

Here is a picture of the first headband she made all by herself:

One of her school friends showed her how to make the ribbon and my daughter    made it all by herself, including all the sewing.

She since made another one for her younger sister and as we are sponsoring a child with the Worldvision charity, I told her it would be a good idea to also make one for the girl we are sponsoring, as we are due to write back soon.

May 11, 2013

My Current Project - Sleeveless Cotton Top

Because I am very fussy with clothes in shops, I am very lucky to be able to knit.

The only thing is that knitting for an adult takes time. I started this top 2 weeks ago and it took me a week and a half to finish the first side. I am trying to knit for about 2 hours every night, and sometimes I can manage a bit more on week-ends and on days when I am not working.

I am not following any pattern, as, being very fussy, I thought I might as well make my own. Hopefully I will be able to wear this soon, more than likely over a long-sleeved T-shirt if we get an other Irish summer!