Apr 21, 2013

Second Cushion Cover

Here is the front....

... and the back:
I used one of the "Art of Knitting" magazine series patterns, once again and this one took me about 3 weeks (I'm only knitting evenings as I can't find the time during the day, being a Mum and working outside the home).

As I had given up on the throw from the magazine, I used some of the balls I got with the magazine instead of buying the yarn for the pattern, which worked just as well.

I added 4 stitches on the left and the right sides of the pattern, and knitted 2 extra rows at the top, as from my tension squares and the cushion I had, I needed to make the cushion cover a little bigger.

My youngest daughter now uses this cushion to sit on in school and I yet have to knit something for myself!