Apr 14, 2013

My First Knitted Cushion Cover

I knit this for my daughter and she is using it in school to make her chair more comfy (Children's bottoms must be more delicate nowadays than when I used to go to school; there was no getaway from hard wooden chairs then!).

I used to subscribe to "The Art of Knitting" magazine series. Each issue expained how to knit one square and the squares were supposed to be attached together to make a throw but I just didn't have the patience to knit the 80 squares needed to make a full throw.

there was a lso the fact that my tension probably wasn't up to scratch as I came up with various size squares so I decided to make these all in knit stitch and the back is made out of 1 large white square and 1 white rectangle (also all in knit stitch).

I finished off embroiding these decorating star, hearts and diamonds as per the magazine's instructions and putting the front pieces together using the mattress stitch.

for the back, I sewed the square and the rectangle in the same style as you would a pillow case, this way it's easy to take the cushion out an wash the cushion cover.