Apr 28, 2013

Loom Knitting

I always wanted to knit a hat, but I never had great results with single pointed needles so I tried using circular needles, which was an even greater disaster.

Then I discovered loom knitting: I never knew you could knit without needles, and I am glad I discovered this, as it makes everything so much simpler. I bought a pack of 4 circular looms and a beginners' book and I have been experimenting a little in my spare time, between work, kids, house chores and other knitting projects.

Here's a picture of my first loom knitted hat, which was originally made for myself but my youngest daughter was quick in stealing it from me (will I have to wait for them to move out before I can wear something I've knitted?):

The flower was made with the smallest loom (26 pegs); I found a very easy to follow video tutorial online for it and the hat was made using the second biggest loom (I used the first hat pattern from the book, which didn't feature the flower).

One thing I'm finding so far with loom knitting is that it works better with chunkier yarn; As I didn't have any, I used 2 strands of medium yarn (thanks, once again to The Art of Knitting).

At least someone in my house is going to be warm this spring!