Apr 28, 2013

Loom Knitting

I always wanted to knit a hat, but I never had great results with single pointed needles so I tried using circular needles, which was an even greater disaster.

Then I discovered loom knitting: I never knew you could knit without needles, and I am glad I discovered this, as it makes everything so much simpler. I bought a pack of 4 circular looms and a beginners' book and I have been experimenting a little in my spare time, between work, kids, house chores and other knitting projects.

Here's a picture of my first loom knitted hat, which was originally made for myself but my youngest daughter was quick in stealing it from me (will I have to wait for them to move out before I can wear something I've knitted?):

The flower was made with the smallest loom (26 pegs); I found a very easy to follow video tutorial online for it and the hat was made using the second biggest loom (I used the first hat pattern from the book, which didn't feature the flower).

One thing I'm finding so far with loom knitting is that it works better with chunkier yarn; As I didn't have any, I used 2 strands of medium yarn (thanks, once again to The Art of Knitting).

At least someone in my house is going to be warm this spring!

Apr 21, 2013

Second Cushion Cover

Here is the front....

... and the back:
I used one of the "Art of Knitting" magazine series patterns, once again and this one took me about 3 weeks (I'm only knitting evenings as I can't find the time during the day, being a Mum and working outside the home).

As I had given up on the throw from the magazine, I used some of the balls I got with the magazine instead of buying the yarn for the pattern, which worked just as well.

I added 4 stitches on the left and the right sides of the pattern, and knitted 2 extra rows at the top, as from my tension squares and the cushion I had, I needed to make the cushion cover a little bigger.

My youngest daughter now uses this cushion to sit on in school and I yet have to knit something for myself!

Apr 14, 2013

My First Knitted Cushion Cover

I knit this for my daughter and she is using it in school to make her chair more comfy (Children's bottoms must be more delicate nowadays than when I used to go to school; there was no getaway from hard wooden chairs then!).

I used to subscribe to "The Art of Knitting" magazine series. Each issue expained how to knit one square and the squares were supposed to be attached together to make a throw but I just didn't have the patience to knit the 80 squares needed to make a full throw.

there was a lso the fact that my tension probably wasn't up to scratch as I came up with various size squares so I decided to make these all in knit stitch and the back is made out of 1 large white square and 1 white rectangle (also all in knit stitch).

I finished off embroiding these decorating star, hearts and diamonds as per the magazine's instructions and putting the front pieces together using the mattress stitch.

for the back, I sewed the square and the rectangle in the same style as you would a pillow case, this way it's easy to take the cushion out an wash the cushion cover.

Apr 12, 2013

Poor Old Abandoned Blog

Dear Blog,

I am really sorry for abandoning you like this.

The truth is that I got a full-time job shortly after starting to blog and couldn't find the time or energy to keep updating you.

The photos I promised you will not be happening as my duster has disappeared, I unravelled my giant black cardigan and the ponchos have been outgrown by my children (these have been donated to the Cash for Clobber scheme ran in the primary school).

Do not despair, though, as I have re-discovered knitting and working only 4 days a week now in a job that I am not planning to keep for too long, as customer service is really not my calling!

Keep tuned for more updates soon!