Feb 27, 2011

Some of my knitting stash...

Buying new knitting yarn is great, knitting it is even better, it's looking for patterns that are suitable with the yarn I own that is causing me a little trouble.

So far I have knitted an over sized black cardigan for myself, sweaters and ponchos for the kids as well as slippers, a blanket for a pet tiger (a toy one, I'm not into bringing wild animals into my home, I won't even let cats or dogs in), trousers and a dress for a Barbie doll, slippers and even a duster cover (I have attached it to an old duster handle, at least this one won't be shedding synthetic feathers all over the house).

I will post pictures of what I have knitted so far with these yarns, and I am still looking for ideas on how to use what's left.